10 Tips to Buy Used or New Boats

10 Tips to Buy Used or New BoatsIf you are a boat owner you probbably already know how exiting and daunting taks can buying a boat be. But if you are facing your first buy of a used or new boat there are some things you just need to know before you decide what ot buy. I wrote some guidelines to your job easier.

New or Used Boat?

It is a fact that all new boats are more expensive than used ones. You should decide whether to buy new or used based on your boating knoweldge. Some used boats are as good as new but a lot of them aren’t. You should check every system on the boat before you buy one. On the other side new boats are new. There should be nothing wrong with new boats but that is not always a fact. You must check a boat that you are planning to buy from inside out and check if all the systems are working correctly. You must know that for reasonable ammount of money you can buy a good used boat that has a lot of boat accesories on it that you would spend fortune on if you would buy them separately for a new boat.

If you are a boat building enthusiast than you can consider buying a used boat that is not in perfect shape and rebuilding it yourself. That is a very exiting project if you have the knowledge and skills for it. You can read about my rebuilds in Rebuilding Lean II and Rebuilding Lean I.

Buying a Boat Tips

1. Location of the boat

Where will your boat be placed or where it is placed now. You must know if you will put her in sea or in lake. There is a big difference between salt water and normal water engines and boats. You cna spend thousands on a boat that has engine designed for lakes and when you will put it in salt water your engine will stop working. Make sure your new boat suits the local conditions.

2. Powerboat or Sailboat

A lot of people can’t decide whether to buy powerboat or sailboat. This depends on what kind of activity you are looking for. If you are moore of a speed freak or you are into racing, cruising, fishing or waterskiing you should go for the powerboat. Otherwise you should consider sailboats.

3. Storage

You need to consider that your boat needs storage when you are not using it. You can store it your garage if its big enough or you can leave it in your marina on mooring if you are willing to pay for it.  If you will keep it in a private garage you should know that that brings along the transportation costs.

4. Skills Required

Big boats require a crew and you can’t handle them by yourself safely. If your are lookign for a pleasure boat than you must look at the boats that you can freely handle yourself.

5. Maintenance

You must know that taking good care of your  new boat means that you will spend a lot of time doing it. It’s not just a little cleaning but it is also waxing and polishing every couple of months. There are also a lot of things that break and you must consider all the service costs for services that assist you or if you are mor of a DIY person you can do that repairs yourself.

6. Budget

You must think beyond the initial payment for the boat. You must know that there come a lot of costs with owning a boat. You must pay taxes, interest rates on your boat loan, storage and other annual maintenance costs. Also there is gasoilne which one of the biggest costs.

7. Boat Valuation

You should check all the similar boats to the one that you are buying to see what average price they sell for.

8. Sea Trial and Survey

This is a must when you are buying. Get to know the boat, and enlist a marine surveyor to inspect its integrity and systems. You can never trust sellers becouse they will try to sell you everything. Especially if you show them that you are not familiar with boats.

9. Boat Reviews

Boating websites and magazines offer a wealth of information and reviews on boats to help you find the right boat for you. You can trust experts on the topic that make their living from testing different boats. You should always check different manufacturers in the same class for prices and accessories as well as the reviews.

10. Right blend of style, speed and safety

You should always try to find a boat that you like by finding a mix of everything you desire. There are a lot of different boats out there you just need to get the right information on the ones you like.

If you are more of a boat building fan you can read the article about boat plans and start a project of your own. I am sure that this is the only way to get exactly the boat you want.

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