DIY Boat Plans for Boat Building

DIY Boat Plans for Boat Building

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DIY Boat Plans for Boat Building

A lot of people who love boats are looking for diy boat plans for boat building over the internet. Boat building is a very expensive, long, time consuming and precise job so you don’t want to spend all that time and money to build a boat that is not sea worthy becouse it has design faliures or becouse it has poor diy boat plan documentation. The best plans from professional designers always come with complete instructions on how to build a boat. Usualy your diy boat plan can be ordered along with full size paterns, so all you need to do is to cut out all the parts using these paterns as templates and then put them together to make a boat hull.

First of all if you plan to build a boat, you should always define a budget you intend to spend on your boat. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to build boats as you can learn everything you need to know from different blogs online (one of which is DIY Boats Blog :D) or from diy boat plans it selfs. You can find rough cost estimates on sites that you purchase your boat plans from. You must know that those estimates include only the material needed to complete the boat parts according to the boat plan. All other details and accessories are not included in that number. You will soon see that you should raise that number at least for a 30 % to finish the job. If you would like your boat to be fully geared and to have all the gear that is usually on all the boats you will have to raise the number for about 50 – 70 %. But don’t be affraid. You won’t spend your money all at once. Building process takes a while to complete and your boat does not need all the fancy stuff like TVs and GPS at start. You will come to that later. You can read all about most common boat accessories here.

Here I will now give you some good diy boat plans resources and a short review of each diy boat plans for boat building site.

1. Plans 4 Boats

This website offers you a ebook that contains highly detailed plans with great photo documentation. Author of the book is a very experienced  builder and he tries to reveal a lot of boat building tricks and tips in this ebook. All the plans are very well described – down to proper materials selection, plans and numerous details. This is practicly a must have when you start building a boat. The book also includes over 250 Plans that you can choose and build. I own a copy and can tell you it is a good investment. It helped me a lot when I started rebuilding my two beautys Lean I and Lean II. Check out the webpage at

2. Bateau boats

This is another website which has a little bit modern plans in my opinion. I like some of the designs really much. Specially those Caroilna style plans. I don’t know anyone who has build a boat using their plans but I read quite some posts on their forum and people seem to be very happy with them. They are supposed to be very well documented and easy to build. I think this is the right thing to go with if you are looking for plans for a boat to a max 10 meters size or if you like trawlers. They have some owesome trawlers in their inventory. Up to 40 feet. They also have a web store where you can buy all the materials for your project. Check their website for more information. You can also find some free stuff on their site.

3. Glen L boats

At you can buy all sorts of plans. You can order study materials first to check if the boat suits your needs or if its to complicated to build. You can also check allready built models, that were build by other builders that bought from Glen L. You can find their pictures and stories on website. You can also order everything you need for building your boat in their online store. In my opinion this is a very good web page about boat building. Their plans are easy to follow and well documented. I know a man who built EURO series yacht according to Glen L design. It looks very nice.

4. Free plans

This web page has lots of free boat plans available for you to download. You can find everything from wooden kayaks to large sailboats and power boats, day cruisers, etc. Most of boat plans are old and that means that they can have some design faults that you wont know about until you put your finished product in the water. There a lot of useful resources there on boat building topic. Check the page for mor information.

5. Boat design

You can find some free boat plans on Boat There are some very interesting ones on that site, but more important there is a lot of knowledge gathered on that web page. Use their on page search to find interesting articles about boat building and design topics. Check Boat Design web page for more information.

6. Clark Craft boats

This site is similar to all the above. You can search their boat plans that fit your needs and wishes. They have aluminum, wooden, fiberglass and other boat plans. Boat design are classic and very good looking. You can find all types of boat plans from sail boats to power boats, dinghys, kayaks, etc. Check for more information.

7. Atkin Boat plans

You can find lots of nice boat designs on this page that are cheap. It offers you nice plans for small money. It is worth checking out if you decide to start building a boat. You will find more information about boat plans on

8. Dix Design boats

This company puts most of their efforts in sail boat plans but you can also find some power boat designs. Their multi hull sail boats are awesome and are a very good boat building project however they require a lot of money to be spent to while building such a boat. For more info visit theat

9. Bruce Roberts boats

This is by far the biggest boat ns and boat building resource site there is out there on internet. Bruce Roberts designs are well know in the yacht world and you will find everything you desire here. From cheap plans for small boats of all types to more expensive plans for mega yachts and mega sail boats. You should definetly check it out at

10. Hartley Boats boats

Yet another boats page where you can find all sorts of boat plans for you to build. They also offer some nice classic plans for runaboats and dinghys. Check them out at

Other boat plans pages:

DIY Boat Plans for Boat Building

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