DIY Homemade Vacuum Bagging Pump

DIY Homemade Vacuum Bagging PumpIf you read my DIY Fiberglass Vacuum Bagging For Boat Building article, then the first thing you will need for the vacuum bagging process is a vacuum pump. I will show you here how you can build one for as little as 20 EUR.


This vacuum pump was designed by James Redmon and Tim Cook and they call it the “Cheap Little Sucker”. This pump was so effective that EAI now supplys the plans with the Berkut kit. It is a very simple design and it is made of parts that are cheap. The big round black thing is a freon compressor off of a cooler.  You can find those in old coolers in the dump yard. Just be sure that it is in a working state. You can also use an automobile A/C compressor and an electric motor to power it.


The opposite side of a compressor is a vacuum. We then put a compression fitting, a couple of ‘T fittings, a bleeder valve, and an automotive vacuum guage on the vacuum side of the compressor. You then have to wire the whole thing to a switch and ther you have it! A nice homemade vacuum pump that works great! It produces very little noise and heat and it is capable of pulling 25+ inches of vacuum. That is all you need for your DIY fiberglass vacuum projects. For detailed instructions read the  Cheap Little Sucker article or download the DIY Vacuum Pump PDF file.

DIY Homemade Vacuum Bagging Pump

DIY Vacuum Pump Diargam

Note: (If you choose to use a refrigeration unit for your pump, be sure to properly dispose of (or re-cycle) the freon in the system before you start. Do NOT just cut the lines and let the freon out. The last thing you want to do is damage the very atmosphere that you will fly through one day – hopefully it will still be there.)

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