DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump

DIY PVC Boat Blige PumpThe most realistic fact about DIY Cheap Boatbuilding goes like this: “If you build your boat from cheap material you should consider a blige pump!”

I did a google search on blige pumps and there are a lot of different products out there. I found electrical and manual pumps. Then I did a search for DIY blige pump to see if anyone has ever try and build it himself. I have a friend who did but I never got to see the finished version. Anyway I found this cool website that offers a DIY guide for building a homemade PVC blige pump for your boat.

I like it when I manage to build something with my bare hands so I  decided to try to build a DIY PVC Blige Pump. I borrowed some pictures from the source site of the article, that is from Bruce C. Anderson ‘s site.

Bill of materials

  • 1″ thinwall PVC about 24″ long,
  • 1″ end cap,
  • 1″ street L,
  • 24″ fiberglass tent pole,
  • 2 long screws that fit tightly in the hollow tent pole,
  • 10-24 nut and bolt,
  • a piece of plastic cutting board cut to fit snugly inside the PVC tube,
  • some scrap inner tube rubber,
  • a wooden disk for a handle,
  • a little bit of Snoodle

Blige Pump Design

DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump
The output port The input port The plunger valve

Detailed building  instructions can be found here. I build a blige pump and must admit that it worked supprisingly well. I am now improving the design and trying to make a even better and smaller blige pump. This is a very cheap solution for all of you who don’t want to spend 100 EUR for a quality blige pump for your boat.

More pictures of the finished product:

DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump DIY PVC Boat Blige Pump

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