Sailing Lession: How to anchor you Boat in a Bay

Sailing Lession: How to anchor you Boat in a BayBeautiful bays were just made for a quick stop or an overnight anchoring spot for you and your crew to enjoy. This type of boating is what makes boating so beautiful and attractive hobby for all of us who are lucky enough to own a boat. The best thing that can happen to you is to enyoj a day out in some beautiful quiet little bay with a beer in your hand while you are lieing on your boat’s deck. There just can’t be any bigger pleasure!

How to choose a good anchoring spot

There are some basic rules that we have to stick to if we want to enyoj a safe and troubleless afternoon or even a night in one of the bays. The first problem that appears is the bay itself. In order to select the right bay to throw anchor in we first have to study weather conditions. There musn’t be not even a tiny bit of bad weather in the forecast. The next important thing is to know what is the sea floor like in the bay. Don’t ever try to anchor in a bay which is filled with rocks. It goes the same for algees and sea weed. You can find this piece of information in your nautical chart of the area. If you located the appropriate anchoring spot you can now start with you anchoring procedure. You should always try to select the anchor spot which is in line with the wind direction, so that you will be landing in the wind.

Sailing Lession: How to anchor you Boat in a Bay

You are now ready to anchor you boat. If you don’t know how to anchor a boat or you are not sure read the Sailing Lession: How to Anchor A Boat Guide.

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