Top 10 Boat Crash and Funny Accident Videos

You all like to watch funny videos and since this is a blog about boats you can watch at some funny and a little less funny ones. These videos were handpicked from YouTube and some of them are just awesome.

Funny Accidents Part 1

This is a compilation of multiple videos where you can see how some captains handle their vessels and crew.

Funny Accidents Part 2

This is the second video about the biggest mistakes that a captain can make.

Million Dollar Damage

See how this beautiful Sunseeker got dropped from 100 feet. This one needed a lot of fiberglass repairing or even a complete rebuild.

Top 10 Sea Colisions

Greatest Marine Mistakes

A sampling of videos and photos found on the popular maritime and ocean related social website.

Wakeboarding on Racing Trimaran

A very high speed wakeboarding.

Lost Control of a Small Inflatable

See what happens when you try to be a hero…

Two Tourist Ships Collide at High Speeds

Check how a high speed colison on the water looks like. It’s terrifying.

Rowing Accident

Nobody listens to the man that is yeling “Stop rowing…”! Those guys just keep on rowing until…

Now Thats How You Park A Ship

Parknig a ship in ship graveyard in India. Awesome footage!

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