Find Out How To Purchase A Boat

Find Out How To Purchase A Boat Are you looking to buy a boat but have no idea how to go about it? First step is to search for what kind of boat that you want. Is it for recreational purposes, fishing, looking cool or getting from one area to another? After realizing why you want a boat, it will be much easier to choose the kind of boat that’s perfect for you.

The internet has a wide resource for looking for boats of different purposes. Many websites also offer sale boats that includes cost, specifications and much more. Do consider whether you want to buy new boats or a used boat. The used boat will be much cheaper than purchasing a freshly made boat, but there are certain disadvantages such as the depreciation, insurance and so on.

Once you have found the boat of your true heart’s desire, you will need to contact the broker by phone, mail or e-mail. It is a better idea to make an appointment with the boat broker because they will know that you are serious about purchasing the boat.

After contacting the broker and arranging an appointment, you will inspect the boat. Questions to ask yourself include whether the boat look the same as the picture that you were shown? Do you like the interior of the boat and does it match your style and personality? If the boat is advertised at a really cheap rate, you should definitely question the price. Then you will need to consider whether the price is warranted, such as making refurbishments to the boat.

If everything is good and you’ve come to the decision of purchasing the boat, you will need to secure the purchase by making a deposit. You will need to negotiate terms with the broker such as whether putting a down payment on the boat will allow you to assess the boat, such as an out of water inspection and trial sail. When negotiating the terms, you will need to also mention that if you are not satisfied with the test run and inspection then you should get a refund of the deposit. However, there will usually be other associated costs such as slipping, costs for the trial sail and administration costs.

You may also get a surveyor to inspect the boat. They charge from $20-$30 for inspection of the boat per foot length and you should expect to pay anywhere from $100-$200 for an engine inspection.

When you are trailing the boat, you will need to:

  • Make sure that the motors are in good working order. Such as starting, stopping, going ahead and astern. Also note that the engine should not overheat on the test. This is a bad sign and usually a deal breaker.
  • Make sure that all the boat instruments are functioning normally
  • Make sure that the steering works properly
  • Make sure that a boat with sails, will raise properly
  • Make sure that all the boat accessories such as sailing aids, shackles, rigging, sheets etc are on board. Also make sure that these accessories are included in the purchase.

If you are happy with the inspection and the trial sale, then you will need to negotiate a sale price. The boat broker will organize a selling contract which will outline the all factors and negotiations of the sale. The contract will usually include the date of arrangement, names of all those involved, an in depth description of the boat and equipment and the final price.

If you want the boat straight away, you will need to pay the full amount owning, however this is not always feasible so you should allow two to three days for your funds to clear.
There you have it; you just bought the boat of your true heart’s desire. Happy sailing!

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