Top Quality Boat Building Plans


Every one of you who are visiting this site, probabbly has an idea of what his dream boat looks like. Some of you will be or already are fortunate enough to buy or make the boat of your dreams. Well if you belong to the other side, that is to the people than can’t afford to buy a new boat, you should concern building one yourself.

Boat building used to be a difficult job that required a lot of skills and special tools, so it was pretty much out of your reach. So what has changed? I will tell you…

Top Quality Boat Building PlansMore and more people would like to enyoj a hot summer day on board a nice wooden day cruiser, or perhaps a small wooden power boat, or a canoe or just some sort of boat that sails. So when a lot of people want something, there has to be a way to make it cheap so everyone can enyoj it.

In this case, some boat building companies and boat designers started to design top quality boat plans, that are planned so anyone can follow them, no matter how many experience do they have. They are designed in a way to precisley illustrate the entire boat building process by simply following a plan and connecting the right “dots” together. It basically comes down to cutting different shapes out of sheets of plywood and than bonding them together in whatever way boat building plans tell you to.

But as everything in this world, there are some really good and some really messy boat building plans. I did a lot of research on this topic, and found a lot of cheap or even free plans thas seem OK when you first look at them. But when you start going deeper into design, you see that it is not so perfect. I read a lot of books on the topic (I suggest you buy and read this one – Boatbuilding Manual, Fifth EditionTop Quality Boat Building Plans by Robert Steward - it helped me a lot and it is really well written), and only then I started to understand what makes a good design.

I then saw that if I wanted to build a good solid boat that will serve me for many years to come, I need to find top quality boat building plans. Whit all the things in mind, that I learned in R. Steward’s book, I started looking for the ultimate set of boat building plans.

I must admit that I found quite a few, but only one really stood out. I found this great set that includes everything an amateur boat builder needs to start building boats of any shape and size. I found the perfect set of boat building plans.

I know, that when you will come to this site, you will say to yourself, that this is another internet product and that it can’t be good, but let me tell you that I tought the same when I first visited it. But in time, when almost all my searches on Google ended on this boat building plans website, I figured, what do I have to loose. I ordered the complete package and I must say that I am very satisfied. I alredy built two boats according to these boat building plans and I must say it is really simple. You should just try it out!

The best thing is that you get tons of free stuff in the package, and by far the most usefull thing is (naturally right after the boat building plans themselfs) a very cool 3D Boat design software.

You also get a lot of books on boat building topics, but those are not as good as the site promises. I think they are badly written, at least if I compare them to Boatbuilding Manual, Fifth EditionTop Quality Boat Building Plans by Robert Steward.

So if you are looking for a set of boat building plans you now know where you can get them. I am telling you, in my opinion they are worth every cent.

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