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Discovering A One Stop Shop For Meeting All Your Nautical Needs

Discovering A One Stop Shop For Meeting All Your Nautical NeedsNot many individuals would describe the experience of shopping for boats or boat accessories to be smooth and easy. In fact, its normally known as a hassle as people battle to find the parts they are looking for at the most cost-effective opportunity.

When multiple parts are required it is common to have an individual purchase one part here and another part from there in order to save the most money. Luckily, the internet has aided in lessening the boating client’s frustration by creating websites on-line which can aid a client in discovering locations, prices and investment possibilities.

When you look to the on-line possibility of boating supplies, you ought to be seeking a resource which provides a variety of goods, detailed information on all goods and also an opportunity to get pricing directly from the selling parties. This online resource needs to be a one stop shop which eases the troubles of going from site to site or from store to store and simplifies the complete process. The boating experience is an opportunity that is loved by several yet when you’re not able to find what you are searching for at affordable prices, your pleasure is soon diminished.

One nice example of how an individual can profit from the on-line environment of sales relates to the purchase of ski boats, fishing boats, inflatable boats or aluminum boats. The physical environment could normally prove to be very difficult when a person is entering this market. These are normally high pressured environments where employees are more interested in making a sale of the costliest product than finding the right boat for you. Read more…

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Opportunities Related To Filling The Demand For Boats And Outboard Motors

Opportunities Related To Filling The Demand For Boats And Outboard MotorsWhen it comes to recreational activities which many people enjoy, hardly any activities can compete with the recognition which exists with boating. Boating enthusiast’s come in a wide range of characteristics from the person that enjoys the power and speed which is related to the ski boats to the person who likes the quiet and relaxing possibilities of fishing boats.

When you are set up with all the right tools and equipment to pursue these interests it becomes fairly easy to enjoy. Although, when you are lacking the equipment you need to enjoy these hobbies; it could prove difficult to enjoy. Rather than being out in the water you’re traveling from shop to shop or spending hours on the phone seeking a resource which provides the best goods at the most reasonable prices.

There are 2 avenues which you would be able to pursue when you are looking for ski boats or fishing boats. You can go to all the major suppliers of these vessels searching for a good investment opportunity or you can seek the private dealers so as to get a greater discount on what may only be a slightly used vessel.

One way to eliminate a great deal of the hassle is to look for the opportunities related to ski boats or fishing boats which can be found online. When you access the best sites for these vessels you would find a one stop shopping opportunity that will aid you in finding the best vessel for you and get quotes from competing companies, offering the best possibility for discounts.

If you already own a vessel and are discontented with its performance, there are a few options available to you. Whilst your vessel might still be in a high quality condition, your dissatisfaction might exist with the power coming out of your outboard motors. Rather than purchasing a new vessel you may be able to simply eliminate your dissatisfaction by investing in Yamaha outboards or Mercury outboards to satisfy your need for additional power or performance. This choice can save a boat enthusiast a substantial amount of cash since the exchanging of an old outboard motors to Yamaha outboards or Mercury outboards is quite a simple task. Read more…

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Sailing Lession: What to do when your boat engine controls fail?

Sailing Lession: What to do when your boat engine controls fail?

Belive it or not but this faliure is not very rare as you might think. It happend to me once, but I witnessed a lot of faliures on other boats. So what is it all about? Read the whole sailing lession to find out.

System description

The control levers are connected via two strips with your boat’s engine. Each of the strips is running in a special, very strong bouden and both end with a strong attachment mechanism made out of stainless material. The faliure is likely to occur when one of the final elements is to be broken due to oxidation. This faliure occures very rarely becouse of strand break. Every engine needs two cables because on operates a shift in the ship’s gear clutch and the other regulates the amount of fuel flowing inside the engine and with this  the engine speed.

Controls don’t seem to work any more

If a faliure occures there is allways at least one of the commands that failed. Usualy it’s only one. Gas lever or  control lever for controling the direction of rotation of the propeller. If we lose our Gas controls the situation is not so critical, because we still have the abbility of traveling back and forth, but we are very slow at it, but still fast enough in order to land our boat safely. The major problem arises if the control of transmission fails. Especially since most of the gears are set that when you want your boat to move backwards you move your lever backward and so you push the gear lever inside the engine backward. But when you want to move forward you push your lever forward and so the gear lever inside the engine moves forward and that is where the most faliures happen. Especially because when skippers try to precisely land their boats to the pier they shift gears a lot. Read more…

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Yamaha outboards impeller change manual


Impeller is a crutial part in marine engines. It is the main part of the water pump and is used to pump fresh and cold water to the engine cooling system. That is why it is so important to check its state very often. If your impeller is broken you may damage your engine becouse of overheating. There is an unwritten rule that says that you should replace your impeller on your Yamaha outboards every two years even if it’s in good condition.

Replacing your Yamaha outboard impeller

  1. First we unscrew the four screws that are visible on the side of the yamaha outboard heel.
  2. Next we have to remove the rubber plugin on the narrow end of the outboard motor and we unscrew the zinc protector that is located above the proppeler
  3. We remove the zinc protector and we unscrew the number 12 bolt from the bottom side
  4. Next we have to remove yamaha outboards heel and remove it from the outboard motor
  5. We have to buy original Yamaha outboard impeller
  6. Next we remove the four bolts from the water pump housing
  7. We use a hammer to gently tap on the water pump housing to remove it (Warning: Handle with care!!)
  8. What we see in front of us is a Yamaha outboard motor shaft with a small rubber proppeler attatched to it => that is impeller
  9. We take the impeller of the shaft (if it won’t go of we use a knife on it)
  10. We put our newly bought original Yamaha outboard  impeller on the shaft and put a small metal plugin inside a little hole in the shaft to hold the impeller in place
  11. We put the water pump housing back in place and we have to wrap the impeller blades to fit inside the pump housing
  12. The blades must be slightly bent inside the water pump housing
  13. We than screw everything back in its place, and before you put your screws in you might consider lubricating them with a water resistant lubricant (YamaLube)
  14. You should also lubricate all the movable parts of your Yamaha outboard

Read more…

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