90 Gallon Boat SPS Tank Equipment


Video of the equipment on my 90 gallon SPS tank. could not fit it in on the tank tour video without going over 10 minutes. Please support these videos by visiting: www.limpitsreef.com


Tidepool Tim – aka Tim Sheehan founded and operates a biology specimen supply company in Eastern Maine. He and his wife and children collect and supply over 300 species of blueprintts and animals to colleges, museums, aquariums, and school laboratories under the name of Gulf of Maine Marine Life Supply Company. This video is an introduction to the founding of the company and the area where it operates

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Boat transom replacement tutorial


People who are restoring old boats often face the problem of rotten wood inside their boat’s core. One of the most frequent repairs on older boats is replacing or at least repairing a plywood cored transom. I had a similar problem when rebuilding my boat and since I didn’t find any good How-To’s I decided to write one and try to illustrate how to replace the transom plywood core on a boat.

Preparing for the boat transom replacement

The first thing to do, before you start to remove parts from your boat, you should take some pictures of how everything looked in the start, so you will have some guidelines for later on. Also you should take some measures of parts around the transom, such as fiberglass thickness of the outside skin, plywood thicknes of the transom itself, inside fiberglass skin thickness, stringer location and thickness and so on…

Be sure to support your boat’s hull well, becouse when you remove structural parts from the hull it becomes flexible and it can twist. You will end up with a twisted boat, and that can’t be undone. Keep in mind that the keel should be heavily supported. Read more…

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Top Quality Boat Building Plans


Every one of you who are visiting this site, probabbly has an idea of what his dream boat looks like. Some of you will be or already are fortunate enough to buy or make the boat of your dreams. Well if you belong to the other side, that is to the people than can’t afford to buy a new boat, you should concern building one yourself.

Boat building used to be a difficult job that required a lot of skills and special tools, so it was pretty much out of your reach. So what has changed? I will tell you…

Top Quality Boat Building PlansMore and more people would like to enyoj a hot summer day on board a nice wooden day cruiser, or perhaps a small wooden power boat, or a canoe or just some sort of boat that sails. So when a lot of people want something, there has to be a way to make it cheap so everyone can enyoj it.

In this case, some boat building companies and boat designers started to design top quality boat plans, that are planned so anyone can follow them, no matter how many experience do they have. They are designed in a way to precisley illustrate the entire boat building process by simply following a plan and connecting the right “dots” together. It basically comes down to cutting different shapes out of sheets of plywood and than bonding them together in whatever way boat building plans tell you to.

But as everything in this world, there are some really good and some really messy boat building plans. I did a lot of research on this topic, and found a lot of cheap or even free plans thas seem OK when you first look at them. But when you start going deeper into design, you see that it is not so perfect. I read a lot of books on the topic (I suggest you buy and read this one – Boatbuilding Manual, Fifth EditionTop Quality Boat Building Plans by Robert Steward - it helped me a lot and it is really well written), and only then I started to understand what makes a good design.

Read more…

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New Yacht Designs For 2011


The summer time is starting here in Europe and all boat owners are preparing for the new season. All the boat shows around here have already passed by so I can now put together some great new yacht designs for the year 2011.

Some of the best yachting companies introduced some awesone futuristic yacht design, that are worth looking at. So enough of this small talk and let’s see what they introduced for this year.

2011 Sunseeker Predator – The new design


Builder: Sunseeker


LOA: 52′
Beam: 15′2″
Displacement: 54,560


Engine Brand: Volvo Penta IPS
Engine Model: 900


Fresh Water Tanks: 165
Fuel Tanks: 565

New Yacht Designs For 2011 New Yacht Designs For 2011
New Yacht Designs For 2011 New Yacht Designs For 2011

Watch a short video on YouTube.com - 2011 Sunseeker 52 Predator

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Build A Custom Boat Fuel Tank

Build A Custom Boat Fuel TankBuilding fuel tanks is a delicate matter, especially for boats, where safety must be your very first concern. Usually boat fuel tanks are built out of stainless steel and/or diferent plastic materials. You can find all sorts of fuel tanks on the market, from special fuel resistant PVC to a fiberglass and epoxy build fuel tanks and steel tanks. For a small boat, the best and cheapest thing to go with is a simple plastic fuel tank. They come in variety of sizes and shapes so you can find one that fits your boat best.

I usually preform some modifications on my boat before summer and this year I decided that I will try to gain some extra space under the back seat of my boat, and decided to modify the double bottom of my boat and install a custom made boat fuel tank inside the double floor. Of course my boat wasn’t designed for this kind of fuel tank so I will naturally have to modify everything. By this I mean, that I will need a little extra strength to be added to the original bottom and make some kind of fuel tank brackets that will hold the tank in place. I will also need a custom made fuel tank.

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Find Out How To Purchase A Boat

Find Out How To Purchase A Boat Are you looking to buy a boat but have no idea how to go about it? First step is to search for what kind of boat that you want. Is it for recreational purposes, fishing, looking cool or getting from one area to another? After realizing why you want a boat, it will be much easier to choose the kind of boat that’s perfect for you.

The internet has a wide resource for looking for boats of different purposes. Many websites also offer sale boats that includes cost, specifications and much more. Do consider whether you want to buy new boats or a used boat. The used boat will be much cheaper than purchasing a freshly made boat, but there are certain disadvantages such as the depreciation, insurance and so on.

Once you have found the boat of your true heart’s desire, you will need to contact the broker by phone, mail or e-mail. It is a better idea to make an appointment with the boat broker because they will know that you are serious about purchasing the boat.

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