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DIY Wooden Grommets Plan

DIY Wooden Grommets Plan

Simple wooden grommets mounted on the side of a wooden boat.

Recently I was searchin for some good boat plans and found this great plan for these wooden grommets. A dinghy I was building needed a simple means to attach a line to the bow for towing and mooring. I really didn’t want a metal ring bolt sticking out of the transom, but simply drilling a hole through it wasn’t the answer either. These wooden grommets fit the task perfectly.

Wooden Grommets Step-by-step Guide

DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 1. step - Cut three wood discs with a hole in the center. Hole saws are an excellent choice for this operation. The center disc should be thicker than material it will be placed through by slightly more than the thickness of the saw blade you’ll be using the split ti later.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 2. step - Glue together with a dowel for alignment.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 3. step - Trim dowel flush with the disc faces.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 4. step - Bore center hole with hole saw or Forstner bit.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 5. step - Shape the edges and sand the center bore to your satisfaction. On large grommets, a roundover bit and a router will do this job. More delicate grommets will require less aggressive methods.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 6. step - Split into two rings.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 7. step - Bore opening for grommet. Dry fit, trimming and sanding center of grommet to fit.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 8. step - Finished assembly.

You can download a full DIY Wooden Grommets Plan in PDF format here.

Also be sure to visit our other great tutorials like Making Accent Stripes On Your Wooden Boat or visit Free Boat Building Plans Category on Free Woodworking Plans Archive.


DIY Wooden Grommets Plan

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Top Quality Boat Building Plans


Every one of you who are visiting this site, probabbly has an idea of what his dream boat looks like. Some of you will be or already are fortunate enough to buy or make the boat of your dreams. Well if you belong to the other side, that is to the people than can’t afford to buy a new boat, you should concern building one yourself.

Boat building used to be a difficult job that required a lot of skills and special tools, so it was pretty much out of your reach. So what has changed? I will tell you…

Top Quality Boat Building PlansMore and more people would like to enyoj a hot summer day on board a nice wooden day cruiser, or perhaps a small wooden power boat, or a canoe or just some sort of boat that sails. So when a lot of people want something, there has to be a way to make it cheap so everyone can enyoj it.

In this case, some boat building companies and boat designers started to design top quality boat plans, that are planned so anyone can follow them, no matter how many experience do they have. They are designed in a way to precisley illustrate the entire boat building process by simply following a plan and connecting the right “dots” together. It basically comes down to cutting different shapes out of sheets of plywood and than bonding them together in whatever way boat building plans tell you to.

But as everything in this world, there are some really good and some really messy boat building plans. I did a lot of research on this topic, and found a lot of cheap or even free plans thas seem OK when you first look at them. But when you start going deeper into design, you see that it is not so perfect. I read a lot of books on the topic (I suggest you buy and read this one – Boatbuilding Manual, Fifth EditionTop Quality Boat Building Plans by Robert Steward - it helped me a lot and it is really well written), and only then I started to understand what makes a good design.

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Build A Wooden Cabin Cruiser With Free Boat Plans

Cabin cruisers are by far the most beautiful boats out there. I like the small ones up to 25ft to 30ft best, although boat owners usually say “the bigger the better”.

I own a small cabin cruiser, about 25ft in length and I must say that it is a great pleasure. Me and my family use it a lot and it’s a great boat for short sea trips with my family in the summer. We can stay on the water for couple of days, becouse my boat has a fully equiped cabin. That’s the beauty of these boats. You have somewhere to hide when it’s raining or when it’s windy.

The bed inside the cabin is very comfortable and one can easily sleep on it for days. Usually there is also a small toilet inside and a very small cooking spot. I modified my boat so I also have an refrigerator mounted on the deck (to keep the beer cold Build A Wooden Cabin Cruiser With Free Boat Plans ) and a small TV inside so I can watch a movie at night with my wife.

Cabin cruisers are very beautiful and useful boat, but the bet thing is that they are easy to build by yourself. Below you will find some great free cabin cruiser plans for some good looking boats. Sure, if you want only the best plans than you should consider a little more advanced but even more beautiful designs here.

Hope these plans are usefull to you all. I found them while searching the internet for new designs, as I am planning to build an new cabin cruiser that will be a bit longer. I am aiming towards 30ft.


Build A Wooden Cabin Cruiser With Free Boat Plans

Dolphin, A 16ft Cabin Cruiser

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Boat Design Software – Make your own plans for a wooden boat

Boat Design Software   Make your own plans for a wooden boatBy now you know that to achieve anything in life you need to put a lot of effort in it. It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you want to succed you need effort and a great desire to learn new things. If you have enough will to learn new stuff you surely will rise to the top instantly.

How It All Begins

This is the basic guide line for designing your own plans for a wooden boat and eventually build one. Wooden boat are very flexible and nobody said that wooden boats should have the same shape and size as all other boats you are seeing at harbours, marinas and yacht clubs? When you are thinking about desigining your own boat, let me just tell you to be sure to include you tase in the proscess. This will bring a lot of satisfaction into the process and the final product – your brand new wooden boat. Noah made his own boat; did God design it for him? The answer is no. So don’t be afraid!

Tools Needed

Boat Design Software   Make your own plans for a wooden boatTo start creating your wooden boat blueprint you will need some material like wood, ply, glue, nails, mechanical pencils and erasers, a ruler, a T-shaped square and some cartridge paper. Beside that, your skills and your effort to work on the project will play a major part in this stage of the proces. You can make your job a lot easier by using a professional 3D Boat Design Software which will do a lot of the work for you.

You may think why a pencil has been chosen instead of a normal pen. When you are a beginner at boat building you surely would have to make many attempts at drawing the shape and the curves before you come up with the right one. Every begginner goes trough this and you are no exception. So if you use a pencil to draw your boat blueprint it can be easialy erased and drawn once again accurately without making too many markings that would confuse you when you start cutting and building parts.

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How To Build A Wooden Canoe

How To Build A Wooden Canoe

English: Canoe being built with the stitch and glue technique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Building a boat is not an easy task and you must master all the necessary skills such as woodworking, boat building, fiberglassing, etc. I started building boats as a real amateur and had no knowledge about the proces. I rented some books and surfed on google and slowly learned some basic knowledge. But I made some serous progress when I decoded that I will build my self a boat. I started by looking for free boat plans and discovered some really good wooden boat plans for beginners. I decided that the easiest one to start with is a simple wooden canoe plan. To build this wooden canoe, you must have some basic woodworking tools, some boat building knowledge and some free space at home. You can find a couple of really great and easy to build canoe plans bellow and if you are thinking about building your self a boat, that is the way to start doing it. You must first learn the basics if you want to start building some serious wooden boats. So if you are a rookie in boat building start with these free wooden canoe blueprints, or you can go directly to some bigger boats by following this link to find Best Wooden Boat Plans.

Free Wooden Canoe Plans:

How To Build A Wooden Canoe

Free boat plans for a 14′ canoe

The plans include a complete tutorial about transferring dimensions from blueprints to the plywood. More tutorials about stitch and glue and fiberglass are available at our web site

There are two versions of the plans: US units or metric. Click on the links above to download or see the plans. Be patient: there are 25 pages, 1 MB plus!

How To Build A Wooden Canoe

Wacky Lassie Canoe Plans

This boat is designed to be quickly built by kids using modified Bolger/Payson “tack & tape” construction methods, with techniques that minimize the use of hazardous materials, and maximize suitable children’s skills. Kids love these boats, and I’ve found they learn to control double-paddles much more quickly than a single canoe paddle.

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Instant Access To 254 High Quality Wooden Boat Plans

Instant Access To 254 High Quality Wooden Boat PlansWooden boat building is the oldest method in boat construction. The process used to be very complicated and involved a lot of precise work form a lot of people. But things tend to get easier these days and so I came across this great selection of boat building plans for wooden boats that includes 254 Wooden Boat Plans and all the needed boat building knowledge to make a real floating vessel from them.

Imagine one of the greatest feelings in the world, riding on the water on a sunny afternoon in your beautiful newly built boat and all the jealous people craning their necks just so they can get a good look at your boat.
You can make your dreams come true if you download and start using this great wooden boat building package.
Plans 4 Boats package was designed specially for boat building beginners and all DIY enthusiasts that have the basic wood working tools and the basic wood working knowledge. Read more…

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