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Wooden boat plans – How to pick them right?

Wooden boat plans   How to pick them right?

Boat reflection (Photo credit: Jesper Hauge)

Today I would like to share with you all how you can pick the right wooden boat plans to begin building a boat of your dreams. Did you know that building wooden boats is a becoming very popular and common? Most people think that one has to be very skilled to build a wooden boat, but in most cases this is not true. Personal wooden boats are easy to build and are also low on resources you have to spend.

You can start immediatley if you have just the basic woodworking tools and a place to work. By this I mean some kind of workshop or a improvised tent outside in your backyard. Everything else you may need you can get during your wooden boat build project is on its way. You may already have lots of the needed materials at home and you don’t know it yet.

If you are concerned that space could be an issue for you, let me tell you that any medium to significant sized garage should be sufficient room to build a boat as usualy personal wooden boats don’t have that much length

Once you’ve decided you would like to start building you may require some good ideas to look for the best wooden boat plans. Read more…

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DIY Wooden Grommets Plan

DIY Wooden Grommets Plan

Simple wooden grommets mounted on the side of a wooden boat.

Recently I was searchin for some good boat plans and found this great plan for these wooden grommets. A dinghy I was building needed a simple means to attach a line to the bow for towing and mooring. I really didn’t want a metal ring bolt sticking out of the transom, but simply drilling a hole through it wasn’t the answer either. These wooden grommets fit the task perfectly.

Wooden Grommets Step-by-step Guide

DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 1. step - Cut three wood discs with a hole in the center. Hole saws are an excellent choice for this operation. The center disc should be thicker than material it will be placed through by slightly more than the thickness of the saw blade you’ll be using the split ti later.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 2. step - Glue together with a dowel for alignment.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 3. step - Trim dowel flush with the disc faces.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 4. step - Bore center hole with hole saw or Forstner bit.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 5. step - Shape the edges and sand the center bore to your satisfaction. On large grommets, a roundover bit and a router will do this job. More delicate grommets will require less aggressive methods.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 6. step - Split into two rings.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 7. step - Bore opening for grommet. Dry fit, trimming and sanding center of grommet to fit.
DIY Wooden Grommets Plan 8. step - Finished assembly.

You can download a full DIY Wooden Grommets Plan in PDF format here.

Also be sure to visit our other great tutorials like Making Accent Stripes On Your Wooden Boat or visit Free Boat Building Plans Category on Free Woodworking Plans Archive.


DIY Wooden Grommets Plan

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Making Accent Stripes On Your Wooden Boat


Making Accent Stripes On Your Wooden Boat

Recently I found a great free accent stripes plan online that shows how to make accent stripes on your wooden boat, wooden paddle or any special custom made boat part that needs to look great Making accent stripes is a little more complicated than making a single strip that contrasts with the basic hull color. It takes some thought and a little extra time to spend to make it look good.  The free plan details making a three part stripe – that is, making three individual strips, that when mounted on the hull, form the perfect finished stripe. The technique can be used to make just about any sort of accent, from simple two or three lines to complex repeating patterns.

Making Accent Stripes On Your Wooden Boat

Finished accent stripe



Making Accent Stripes On Your Wooden Boat

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The Ultimate Guide to DIY Teak Deck On Your Boat

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Teak Deck On Your BoatTeak wood has been used for centuries in boat deck manufacture becouse of its resistance to water penetration and moisture. The teak wood looks very nice even if it’s not shaped to a smooth surface, but it needs to well protected in order to last a long time. If teak is used on a boat deck, it becomes less slippery and teak wood also surves as a important structural elemnt of a boat beck, providing the needed strenght and elasticity on the other side.

To properly protect you wooden deck the teak wood should be covered with natural teak oil at least two times per year (three times is recomended). The natural teak oil makes the wood completly waterproof. If teak looks a little worn off you can also sand it a little bit and then cover it with special teak-cleaner oils to make it look good again.

It is recomended that you clean your teak deck frequently with water (drinking water is the best becouse salt water leaves white marks on the wood) after you return from your boat trip. Also the not so good side of teakwood deck is that it gets very hot very quickly when exposed to the sun, so be sure to wear your sandals.

Read more…

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How To Build A Wooden Canoe

How To Build A Wooden Canoe

English: Canoe being built with the stitch and glue technique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Building a boat is not an easy task and you must master all the necessary skills such as woodworking, boat building, fiberglassing, etc. I started building boats as a real amateur and had no knowledge about the proces. I rented some books and surfed on google and slowly learned some basic knowledge. But I made some serous progress when I decoded that I will build my self a boat. I started by looking for free boat plans and discovered some really good wooden boat plans for beginners. I decided that the easiest one to start with is a simple wooden canoe plan. To build this wooden canoe, you must have some basic woodworking tools, some boat building knowledge and some free space at home. You can find a couple of really great and easy to build canoe plans bellow and if you are thinking about building your self a boat, that is the way to start doing it. You must first learn the basics if you want to start building some serious wooden boats. So if you are a rookie in boat building start with these free wooden canoe blueprints, or you can go directly to some bigger boats by following this link to find Best Wooden Boat Plans.

Free Wooden Canoe Plans:

How To Build A Wooden Canoe

Free boat plans for a 14′ canoe

The plans include a complete tutorial about transferring dimensions from blueprints to the plywood. More tutorials about stitch and glue and fiberglass are available at our web site

There are two versions of the plans: US units or metric. Click on the links above to download or see the plans. Be patient: there are 25 pages, 1 MB plus!

How To Build A Wooden Canoe

Wacky Lassie Canoe Plans

This boat is designed to be quickly built by kids using modified Bolger/Payson “tack & tape” construction methods, with techniques that minimize the use of hazardous materials, and maximize suitable children’s skills. Kids love these boats, and I’ve found they learn to control double-paddles much more quickly than a single canoe paddle.

Read more…

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